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Using Intermedia Fax
Setup Send Fax: Log into intermedia account and view Voice Get Webfax number: Click on the popout In the new window, click on Tools Install Fax Upload Application use the webfax number provided, then complete...
iPhone Connect to Intermedia Mail
I just used my iPhone 6 to connect to your account. My phone is running iOS 9.3.5. Here are the exact steps I did: Opened Settings and then Mail, Contacts, Calendars Selected Add Account Selected Exchange as the...
Fixing Windows Update
Two ways to repair Windows Update.
Internet Explorer 8 won't upgrade in Windows 7
Due to unresolved Windows Update issues, a new Windows 7 installation cannot upgrade Internet Explorer past the default version 8 which is installed. A series of manual updates need to be applied first. First is the...
Choosing a Password
Consider using a password manager like Lastpass. Try to limit the number of places you use the same password. Use “two-factor authentication” whenever possible. Factors of authentication are typically considered: ...
Illustrator GPU Performance
List of solutions for GPU related issues in Illustrator
VPN: Invalid path to server
Problem: You might get an invalid path or network connection error while trying to access a server or device by name on the VPN network. Pings to the IP address work fine. You might even get a public IP address result...
VPN: Connection worked before, but not now
You might get error 619 and/or a message that your username or password are incorrect. Re-enter password and login info. Some VPN's are case-sensitive on the USERNAME. Reboot your computer Save the connection info...
Revit Best Practices
Document compiled from several web sources on best ways to manage your Revit project.
Attachment is Winmail.Dat
Basically, the person who is trying to send you the message has your email address in their Contacts as only receiving mail in "Rich Text". The sender's server (because of how it is configured) will not send the...

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